Compliance with legislation

Nitrates regulations

Si 31 of 2014 outlines the requirements on farmers and landowners to comply with the Nitrates regulation regarding stocking rate, management of animal manures, fertiliser application rates etc. Hackett Agricultural Consultants have developed an in-house computer package to enable growers and landowners ensure that you meet the requirement of the Nitrates and other relevant regulations, whether the enterprise is beef, dairy, cereals, vegetable, potatoes, intensive beef feedlots, pigs or poultry.

Pesticides regulations

The application of pesticides is also governed under many pieces of legislation, in particular the Sustainable Use of Pesticides Directive 2009/128/EC and Regulation No. 1107/2009 specifying the requirements and conditions for the use of plant protection products. Hackett Agricultural Consultants can ensure that your pesticide applications and records meet all relevant legislations

Cross compliance

When grower submits an application for payment under the SPS scheme, they undertake to adhere to 17 pieces of EU and National legislation. This adherence is controlled and monitored by Cross compliance rules. Dr. Richard Hackett is an approved ccFAS advisor and can help to ensure that your holding meets the requirements of cross compliance.

Soil Organic Matter

One of the obligations of Good Agricultural and Environmental Conditions is the maintenance of organic matter levels in the soil. Applicants to the scheme with parcels in continuous tillage for six years or more must determine the actual organic matter levels of these parcels by soil analysis. Hackett Agricultural Consultants are approved ccFAS advisors and can get samples taken, analysed and can make recommendations where necessary for the maintenance of your soil structure and soil fertility. For more information, See

Single payment schemes