Nitrates regulations

Si 31 of 2014 outlines the requirements on farmers and landowners to comply with the Nitrates regulation regarding stocking rate, management of animal manures, fertiliser application rates etc. Hackett Agricultural Consultants have developed a bespoke in-house computer package to enable growers and landowners ensure that you meet the requirement of the Nitrates and other relevant regulations, whether the enterprise is beef, dairy, cereals, vegetable, potatoes, intensive beef feedlots, pigs or poultry.

Pesticide regulations

The application of pesticides is also governed by many pieces of legislation, in particular the Sustainable Use of Pesticides Directive 2009/128/EC and Regulation No. 1107/2009 specifying the requirements and conditions for the use of plant protection products. Hackett Agricultural Consultants can ensure that your pesticide applications and records meet all relevant legislations.

Cross compliance

When grower submits an application for payment under the SPS scheme, they undertake to adhere to 17 pieces of EU and National legislation. This adherence is controlled and monitored by Cross compliance rules. Dr. Richard Hackett is an approved ccFAS advisor and can help to ensure that your holding meets the requirements of cross compliance.

Quality Assurance schemes

Hackett Agricultural Consultants can prepare your holding for compliance with Quality Assurance Schemes, for example Bord Bia Quality assurance scheme, Global Gap; supermarket specific schemes such as Nurture, Field to fork etc


Dr. Richard Hackett is trained in HACCP and has experience in compiling and implementing HACCP plans to meet legal requirement of Food business operators (FBO’s)

Development of computer software for agronomic purposes

Hackett Agricultural Consultants has developed its own in house computer software for use in crop recording, pesticide recording, fertiliser application recommendations etc. Hackett Agricultural Consultants have also provided expert service to the development of other agricultural computer software systems, for example the IFA Nitrates calculator.  Hackett Agricultural Consultants has also developed bespoke computer system for individual grower’s needs. These computer programmes can be developed to meet your specific needs and Hackett Agricultural Consultants can combine expertise of the agricultural industry with expertise of computer programme development to meet individual business needs.

Case studies, evaluations, reports, assessments

Hackett Agricultural Consultants utilise their experience in agricultural production in Ireland to carry out expert reports/ assessments and evaluations for various authorities or bodies as requested. Some to the projects that are available for public access include:

Farm safety

Being involved in Agriculture is a great way to make a living. Unfortunately it is one of the most dangerous ways of making a living. Hackett Agricultural Consultants are passionate about trying to make the sector a safer place to work in and has been involved in developing reports into health and Safety for the National Rural Network ( see report  and has presented a paper at the National farm safety conference ( Dr Richard Hackett has previously been a member of the Farm Safety partnership Advisory Committee. Hackett Agricultural Consultants will carry out a farm safety assessment of your farm and propose measures to make your farm a safer place.